Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles Open for Business In San Diego.

ErgoSun integrated solar roof tiles has developed a new manufacturing center in San Diego, California. Ergosun recently showcased its photovoltaic technology at InterSolar San Diego, where they announced their entrance into the United States marketplace. The companies advertising slogan, “go solar, beautifully” derives from their ability to deliver reliable renewable energy without sacrificing a home’s aesthetic. The solar roof tile is expected to be delivered at a more affordable price point than competitive technology due to the design and universality of the system. ErgoSun designed the solar panel dimensions to match that of the most widely used concrete tiles in the world, therefore, the product that can be installed simply by any traditional roofing contractor and without intrusion into the building’s envelope. 

Integrated Solar tile close up

Each tile generates 15.7 watts of power and is claimed outperform conventional solar panels in low light conditions. A bypass diode is utilized as a preventative measure for ensuring the diminished output of one cell will not impact the output of other panels. Unlike market competitors that have only extended to a few pilot applications, ErgoSun’s installations have been successfully installed on 70+ buildings across the UK, Europe, Canada and more. ErgoSun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles have been tested and certified to a host of international standards and offer a warranty to provide 80% of peak power after 25 years.

Ergosun usa

Ergosun usa

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